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Despite having the fourth-highest per capita spending per student, Delaware ranks second to last in quality of education. For too long, Dover has thrown money at the problems without addressing the root causes, forcing an undue burden on taxpayers, teachers, parents, and students.


The father of three and grandfather of four, Mike understands the importance of providing a quality education to Delaware children, regardless of location or income. As Governor, Mike will fight to ensure teachers have the tools, resources, and classrooms necessary to provide a quality education.

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Main Street businesses and hardworking Delawareans are struggling to make ends meet in these tough economic times. As a small business owner who employs more than 200 people throughout Delaware, Mike Ramone knows these challenges all too well.


With one of the worst environments for new and existing businesses, Delaware needs a proven executive with the experience to turn things around. As Governor, Mike will bring his Main Street experience to Dover and consolidate the state income tax, reduce burdensome regulations, and provide much needed relief to hardworking Delawareans.

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For 32 years, Dover has put its own self-interest over the interests of hardworking Delawareans. Now, with Delaware facing a growing deficit, it is going to take a proven executive to make necessary cuts and get Delaware’s economy back on track.


Delawareans need an executive in Dover who will be a responsible steward of their tax dollars. The status quo in Delaware has been throwing more money at the problems instead of addressing their root causes. As Governor, Mike will promote good governance and responsible spending by holding lawmakers and government agencies accountable for their spending.

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Families throughout Delaware have been impacted by rising crime rates and rampant drug use. As Governor, Mike will ensure state police and local law enforcement have the tools and resources necessary to keep our communities safe.


Mike is passionate about criminal justice reform and ensuring that those who deserve a second chance get a second chance. As Governor, Mike will work with community leaders to find solutions that create a fair and equitable justice system that focuses on reducing recidivism rates through rehabilitation.

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For more than a decade, Mike has served on the Delaware House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee. As Governor, Mike will ensure that the brave men and women who defend our freedoms are no longer forgotten.


Mike will work with legislators to join 39 other states and eliminate the state income tax on veterans benefits. He will expand access to critical mental health resources so the transition back into civilian life is as seamless as possible. And Mike will ensure that Delaware’s veteran community is no longer forgotten by those they fought to defend.

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In the State House, Mike has been a leader in protecting Delaware’s natural beauty and resources. As Governor, Mike will make Delaware a leader in expanding research into alternative energy sources such as solar and nuclear.


Mike is committed to conserving the environment. He will work with leaders throughout the state to ensure that Delaware becomes a leader in free market investment and environmental research.

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The rising cost of health care and decreasing access in rural areas are impacting Delaware families throughout the state. As Governor, Mike will remove the regulatory burdens that drive up the cost of service and force competition out of Delaware.


Physical health is a priority of Mike Ramone. As Governor, Mike will empower Delawareans to make health choices and improve their quality of life. As a member of the State Employee Benefits Commission, Mike fought to protect state benefits and hold state leaders accountable. As Governor, Mike will fight to ensure all Delaware residents have access to effective and efficient healthcare.

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Delaware was once a national leader in commerce. Mike believes we can get there again. Infrastructure, from roads to ports to rural broadband access, is the backbone of successful economies. As Governor, Mike will make the necessary investments to improve infrastructure, giving Delaware a competitive advantage in economic growth and investment.

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