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Michael Ramone is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and community leader running to become Delaware’s next governor.


A worsening economy, crumbling schools, and stagnant growth have been exacerbated by 32 years of inaction from leaders in Dover. Mike Ramone is running for Governor because he has the proven executive leadership to turn Delaware around and usher in a new era of growth, prosperity, and opportunity for Delawareans.


Growing up, Mike’s parents worked hard to provide for their family. In addition to working at Dupont from age 18 until the day he retired, Mike’s father worked two other jobs to help his family make ends meet. This instilled in Mike the role hard work and determination play in achieving the American dream.


Mike bought his first flower shop at age 20. As a junior in college, he turned this singular flower shop into a multi-store business with locations throughout Delaware. When tragedy struck and lightning burned down his business, the Wilmington Florist Exchange, Mike could have closed his locations and fired his employees. Instead, he went to work as a pool attendant and swimming instructor to help his shops make payroll.


Today, Mike and his family own and operate six successful businesses throughout Delaware, which proudly employ more than 200 hardworking Delawareans.


In 2008, Mike was elected to the Delaware House of Representatives, where he has proudly served for 16 years. Mike quickly became a leader and has been a voice for common-sense solutions. In the House of Representatives, Mike has been a champion for Delaware, fighting to promote good governance, increase funding for classrooms and schools, and ease the tax burden on hardworking Delawareans.


Mike met his wife, Lisa, when they were just 12 years old. They have been married for 40 years. Together, they have three children—Brittany, Ross, and Nicholas—and four grandchildren. Mike and Lisa reside in Newark, Delaware.

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